New - Vertical Bike Rack by Rola

With 40 years of cargo carrying experience, Rola Roof Racks have broken new ground with a new innovative Vertical Bike Rack designed to take mountain biking to new heights. The all new Rola VBR has been designed to withstand the harshest of conditions. Best of all it’s easy-to-use hook, cambuckle and strap bike securing system makes loading as quick as it can be - so you can spend more time on the trails.

  • Easy to Load – Introducing a unique hook, cambuckle and strap bike securing system
  • Strong – Made from heavy duty steel and finished in Rola’s unique protective coating
  • Heavy Duty – Designed and tested for the toughest conditions

One Strap – Too Easy

The all-new Rola Vertical Bike Rack has been created to make transporting and shuttling mountain bikes up the mountain as quick, secure, and easy as can be. The Rola VBR introduces a simple yet innovative securing system for your mountain bike, that will save you time loading and unloading, and give you more time on the trails.

One strap is all you need to secure your bike. Utilising a secure cambuckle strap with a hook on the rear tyre, you can quickly, easily, and securely fasten your bike onto the VBR. Load the bike, tighten one strap, and you're done. No loose elastic loops or dodgy tie downs, one strong secure strap and you're on your way, Simple!

Built Tough For Off-Road Conditions

Not only is the Rola Vertical Bike Rack easy to use, but it's also strong, really strong.
We've been able to use the best design, materials, and technology to give this Vertical Bike Rack the strongest design.

Using powerful CAE systems and Finite Element Analysis (FEA) software, the VBR has been engineered to withstand anything that you throw at it. And to prove the point we've tested, tested, and retested through a dedicated NATA laboratory. The VBR has passed through simulations of years of the harshest conditions, showing that the Rola Vertical Bike Rack is built for anything.

Your Bike Secured Without A Scratch

The most important part of the Vertical Bike Rack is that it keeps your precious cargo secure, safe and scratch-free.

Front wheel hoops are positioned to allow bikes to be safely stored closer together and include anti-crush tubes for extra strength. The rear wheels are secured with laser-cut rebates preventing movement, damage and scratching.

Additionally, when loading your bike's front tyre we’ve introduced a cut-out in the top cradle providing extra clearance for spokes and angled slides to assist the front wheel to slide in smoothly.

Everything You Need - No Extra Costs

The Vertical Bike Rack is not only easy to use, but it's easy to buy. There are no extras or additional costs for an anti-rattle device or licence plate holder, the Rola VBR has everything you need in one package for no additional cost. 

And speaking of cost, our vertical bike range with all its market-leading innovations, is competitively priced.

VBR3 - 3 Bike Carrier

Perfect for you and a couple of mates to hit the tracks with the 3 bike carrier.

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VBR5 - 5 Bike Carrier 

Get your crew together and shuttle everyone's bikes with the 5 bike carrier.

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