Engineered from high-strength, lightweight and abrasion resistant anodised aluminium, Titan Tray is not only tough, but rated to carry up to an impressive 400kg.

The innovative design allows a wide range of accessories to be easily attached to all four sides of the tray. This provides unprecedented customisation options, from a wide range of available accessories

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Discover durable aluminium roof trays

From the outdoor hobbyist to tradespeople, our range of Titan Tray aluminium flat trays are suitable for all applications. Long gone are the days of plain, bare metal roof racks: combining aesthetics with functionality, aluminium flat trays complement any car, SUV or 4WD. Aluminium is a popular choice for modern roof racks and trays as it is not susceptible to rusting or corrosion, allowing the tray to withstand the demands of the New Zealand. These days, you’ll find aluminium roof trays in assorted styles and colours to suit even the most luxurious of vehicles.

Aluminium flat tray for a variety of mounting applications

If you’re searching for a versatile mounting solution for your 4WD, aluminium flat trays provide convenient storage for oversized, lightweight items. Featuring strength and durability, a flat roof tray is available on vehicles with or without gutters and can be fitted onto a range of vehicles. Similarly, canopy roof racks are ideal for transporting ladders, timber and other large items via open-ended loading. For the latest innovation for your vehicle, explore the Titan Tray range today.


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